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Since November 2016 “EURO LINK & CO” Ltd. is an exclusive representative of the companies from “SAMARAS GROUP”, Greece. We offer to Bulgarian companies the services provided by our Greek partners.

One of the most attractive activities we offer to our Bulgarian clients is consulting for the purchase of business properties, businesses or other real estate in Greece, which are currently being sold by TAIDED or Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund’s, which is similar to the Bulgarian Privatization Agency. The company is a consultant in the sale of a number of private properties.

At present, our partners’ database has thousands of offers to sell assets such as hotels, beach beaches, islands, campsites, business buildings in major cities, huge estate listings, smaller properties, airports, airplanes, ports, Huge state-run companies such as Hellenic Petroleum, Hellenic Post, Hellenic State Lottery, OTE – Greek Telecom, Gas Transmission Companies, Electricity Company of Greece and many others.

Our services

EURO LINK & CO LTD as an exclusive representative of the companies from SAMARAS GROUP, Greece offers to its clients not just a brokerage service. We are technical advisors and our service includes:

  • Finding the right asset according to the client’s desire – For this purpose, we need to get approximate parameters of the property you are looking for and a preferred location, and then we will prepare a list of suggestions from which you can choose. The list will contain information about the assets and an approximate price. When choosing a particular asset, an on-site inspection will be organized.
  • Performing a legal, licensing and financial analysis of the asset – Our Greek partners prepare an analysis of the asset – status, exploitation opportunities, necessary actions for putting into operation, necessary licenses, deadlines for all necessary procedures. We provide information on how to get a subsidy for a particular business and its size.
  • Privatization of the Asset – Our service includes preparation of the entire tender documentation for the asset purchase and consultation on the procedures until the winning of the tender and the signing of the contract.
  • After completing the asset purchase process, we can provide you with the entire package of services related to putting the asset into operation and its good functioning including: designing, finding a builder, building supervision, investing control, helping cover all Requirements and standards, obtaining all necessary licenses, finding and training personnel, helping with marketing research and market entry, helping to obtain the state subsidy.