1113 Sofia, Iztok, 20 "Frederic Joliot-Curie" Str., office 1416
+359 88750 8565

“Euro Link and Co” Ltd. is established in December 2007 by partners experienced in rendering consulting services, specialized in four main areas: Finance, Agribusiness, Law and Management engineering. These fields being completely different united our team in the enterprise “Euro Link and Co” Ltd. through our common experience and knowledge in implementation and managing of projects financed by European donors generally in the areas of rural development, sustainable development, environmental engineering, regional development, development of middle and small enterprises and economic growth.

The key areas that we at “Euro Link and Co” Ltd. offer consultancy are public infrastructure, SME development in rural areas, sustainable and green energy. Our company offers personalized service, as well as flexible, versatile and convenient professional consultancy. Each of our partners believes in the stable growth of our company and puts into his or her performance all the knowledge and skills, achieved through the years of past experience.

One of our biggest advantages is the well developed branch network. The central office is situated in Sofia and our regional office is located conveniently in Komotiny, Greece, which of course is of great importance for the effective collaboration with our partners and clients.

“Euro Link and Co” Ltd. is a founding member of the Bulgarian Association of Consultants in European projects. Since then our experts have been permanent members of the work groups of the association on Program for development of rural areas and Operative program Environment.

“Euro Link and Co” Ltd. is ISO 9001 – 2008 certified with direction “Preparation and management of projects, funded by EU and other sources. Preparation of business plans”.

Since October 2016 “Euro Link and Co.” Ltd. Is representative of “LEVER LEARNING PLC”, which offers staff training and development services tailored to the specific needs of any business wishing to improve the efficiency of its staff and to increase its competitiveness. lt builds its services up from three basic fields and their combination leads to the development of methodologies and practices for the essential improvement of staff and the creation of added value for businesses.

Since February 2016 “Euro Link and Co.” Ltd. Is representative of “SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES – CONSULTING ENGINEERS S.A.”, which is currently the largest and best-manned design and consulting firm in Northern Greece and beyond. Based on the three-fold principle of knowledge-quality-consistency and remaining true to its long-standing values, the company is аblе to provide integrated technical and consulting services for the development of complex investments and projects throughout Greece (design supervision and licensing of complex technical projects} supporting in practice every spectrum of entrepreneurship and the broader public sector. For years, our company has provided technical consulting services to the largest business groups in the country, as well as to Ministries, Regional Authorities, Municipalities, Chambers and other institutions, which unquestionably makes us а leader in the field.